About Us

Nature Best Food Co., Ltd.

The 1st importer and producer of seaweed for the food processing industry as well as wholesale and retail through Modern Trade and Traditional Trade channels.
Nature Best Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and has continued to expand its business. Until moving the headofffiice and construction of a new factory in Bang Sao Thong District Samut Prakan Province in the year 2010 to accommodate the needs of customers. The production technology from foreign partners such as Japan and China has been used in the production process. Currently, the company operates the business of importing seaweed for sale as raw materials in restaurants, hotels, food factories, as well as developing products under the brand “Koriko” and expanding the product group to other types of processed snacks.

The company pay attention to product quality. Starting from the selection of raw materials for production by experts from abroad. To get fresh, clean, safe and healthy ingredients to be used in the production of products delivered to customers.